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MJ (Musical Instrument Jockey)

MjTeo is a 1-man Jazz/Blues/Rock/Jam Band that live, at every occasion, by improvisation, creates new music.  MjTeo's musical roots sits firmly in a sound scape that a lot of people know and are comfortable with.
All Live And Alive

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MjTeo is a project by and with Lars Lamberger who's more than 40 years of experience as a musician and composer, at the spur of the moment takes his listeners through a mixed landscape of sound by means of guitar, bass, drum pad, voice etc
MjTeo's performance can function in a lot of different cultural environments.
 Examples are: Concerts, Exhibitions, Shows and/or Meetings.
MjTeo is equipped to make nice sounding music at dynamically lower sound levels or (when it's called for) find some real "umphy" force to the groove. Handling an audience up to 100-150 people is no problem, needing only a scene space of approximately 2 by 2 meters.  
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