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Booklet for tiny leaves (CDL702-501-01)

The Original Photograph by Tommy Folkesson and the Pencil copy that is used for the album cover.


Below are two more processed pictures.


A Jazzmonologue, whats that?

This production is a true "one-man production", in the sense that except for Tommy taking the photograph that the cover is based on, the only person involved in the entire production is myself. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is the thought of having the same person do/play all the parts, might be a way of making the end result extra homogeneous and therefore a bit different/more interesting. Another reason is that I was curious about how far a standard PC would take me. ( Im positively surprised).

After the pieces was composed and arranged in a traditional fashion, I used my Roland JV-880 and JV-1080 synthesizers modules to play the different parts (one by one) in order to get them recorded. Both Sonic Foundrys Vegas Pro and SAW by IQS multitrack software was used to do these hard disk recordings. The final result was one file/track for each individual part.

So, everything (including the drum and percussion parts) is played on a regular synthesizer/piano keyboard, using the different sounds from the synthesizer modules, to acquire real-time digital audio recordings onto the hard disk of my computer.

After mixing (using Vegas Pro) and mastering (using SFs Sound Forge) the material, I was able to "burn" this CD ("Red Book Standard" using SF CD-Architect).

"tiny leaves" was completed and ready to be listened to.

I hope this explains what I mean by using the word monologue. The answer is simply that what you hear on this CD is a single person trying to communicate. That is, me trying to communicate with you on a person to person basis, and I really hope that Im making sense.

Please visit my internet site at for more information and some more music.

Thank you for listening.

Lars Lamberger

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